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Aviva Aug 18, 2011

Disappointed in the Google results after years of being positive that a Zamboni was some sort of moog-sax created in 1983. This is what MY Zamboni looks like:


This is what an actual Zamboni looks like (note my beautiful Photoshop skills):

Top 10 Things on Buzznet

Aviva Aug 12, 2011

Kreayshawn Covers i-D Magazine

Aviva Aug 10, 2011 Originally by audrey

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching

MTV Style tweeted the link to this killer cover of Kreayshawn on I-D Magazine. If you don't know, Kreayshawn is an amazing new rapper who is taking the hip hop world by storm. Those star eyelashes and bright pop leopard nails... need I say more? Im loving her style, it's not for me but fun eye candy for sure!

If you like Kreayshawn, look at some other posts about her:

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SWAG - SWAG - SWAG (and some individuality) 

Who Rocks It Better: Samantha Ronson or Emma Watson?

Aviva Aug 08, 2011

Harry Potter star Emma Watson dons a fedora in her new campaign for Lancome's Tresore fragrance.

Lindsay Lohan's ex, DJ Samantha Ronson, made the fedora her signature, rocking it whenever she's not in a lazy beanie (her daytime look).

Now here is the real question: who is that sneaky Pete behind Emma, trying to move in on her fedora game? He's whispering into her ear "give me your fedora, Emma. I want a fedora too. Please let me be in your cool fedora club."

Who do you think wears the fedora best, Emma or Sam? 



The Evolution of Emma Watson

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Incase You Missed It: 10 Big Buzz Bits

Aviva Aug 07, 2011

Hi Buzznet! How is your Sunday? It's been a busy weekend, what with Lollapalooza, Hardfest, and the Teen Choice Awards. Yet a lot of the action happened last week. You guys had lots to say about gay rights, sexualized child models, children of pageantry, the new Spiderman (who for the first time ever isn't a skinny white guy), and even Catwoman's legacy. It was an interesting week full of dicussion, and we look forward to having more of it. 


We also had some fun looking at Rhianna's Cool Stuff on Buzznet, GOD blogged on Buzznet again (this time he told Glenn Beck and Morrissey to STOP), and we looked at some lovely art

A lot of new member have joined Buzznet over the last few weeks as part of our Summer of Buzz contest, and the editorial team here wants to say THANK YOU for joining our community. We've been reading your posts and looking at your photos, and discovering lots of new talent. Keep it up. And in the mean time, let's take a look at last week's Staff Picks. Enjoy!

1. Catwoman, the "F" Word and Why the Catsuit Needs a Zipper


2. Lord Voldemort Suing Teen Choice Awards Foundation for Eleventy Million Dollars 




3. 29 Creepy Toddlers in Tiaras 

4. 10 Year-Old French Model's Editorials Taken One Step Too Far?


5. Mila Kunis Slams Reporter, Defends Justin Timberlake in Russian

6. Meet the New Spiderman Who is Not a Skinny White Dude


7. Brazil to Celebrate Straight Pride Day: Don't Rain On My Parade

8. Quesadillas, Gwen Stefani, Lil Wayne: Our one-word interview with djknucklehead aka Kyle from FTSK 

9. MTV's 30th Anniversary: A Selective Retrospective

10. T Mills Polaroids by Brad Elterman




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Lord Voldemort Suing Teen Choice Awards Foundation for Eleventy Million Dollars

Aviva Aug 04, 2011 Originally by amypiehoneybunch

Reblogged from amypiehoneybunch

He who shall not be named (AKA Lord Voldemort) was not too pleased to see that he was snubbed from two major categories at this year's Teen Choice Awards. The Dark Lord, whose Twitter page has almost 1.5 million followers, took to his internet podium to lash out at the TCA committee.

Voldy has stated that he is "hurt for obvious reasons" about the TCAs ignoring his "decades of murder and all around villain-ship" when compiling the votes for "Choice Villain." Though he is known as an evil antagonist, he is also a beloved Twitterman (see evil tweet below,) and was appalled to see that he had been snubbed from the "Choice Twit" category. The nominees include Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Lovato, and Homer Simpson.


Voldemort felt that the nomination of Homer Simpson was offensive to fictional characters with Twitters everywhere, and is suing the TCA in the amount of eleventy million dollars for punitive damages and emotional distress. Details on the case are TBD. 

Can't we all just hug and make up?


Do you think that Voldemort has every right to feel snubbed? Do you prefer his Twitter or are you a Homer Simpson lover?

*Disclaimer: Voldemort is not real, and he is not suing the TCAs. JOKE POST!

Also see: Kaley Cuoco's Shocking Replacement as Teen Choice Awards Host

and: Taylor Swift to Break Up with Taylor Lautner Again, For Old Times Sake


Top 10 Things on Buzznet

Aviva Jul 31, 2011

Well hello hello again fair Buzznetters. How was your week? Seems like you guys were all at Warped Tour taking photos and fanning out on all the bands. Check out Rhianna's weekly Cool Stuff on Buzznet and her profile page to see some of the great stuff you may have missed this week from Warped. Thanks to our photographers for the incredible photos! On another note, we had a hard time dealing with the loss of Amy Winehouse, and you had a lot to say about it. Thank you for sharing your outpouring of love for her.


This week we are gearing up for Lollapalooza and the Teen Choice Awards, which are should lift our spirits. Can the TCAs this year PLEASE not be another Beiberlight/Twibeibs event like every other awards show? Either way we'll be covering it, with both Hannabeth and Audrey leading us down the red carpet and into the show, so STAY TUNED! Anyhow, enough of all that. Let's look at some fun stuff that happened last week on the Net of Buzz. Enjoy!


1. Style Icon on the Rise: Lil Debbie's Swaggin'

2. 8 Celebrity Summer Bummer Breakups of 2011

3. Kyle Burns Starring in… Forever The Sickest Intern: The Final Episode

4. Renee Olstead of Secret Life of The American Teenager’s Photo Shoot: 'I Play With Boas'

5. Get the Look: Hayley Williams at Warped Tour

6. Enter Shikari Live at Warped Tour

7. Smurf-ified Movie Posters

8. AMAZING Photos of Black Veil Brides at Warped Tour


9. POLL: Steampunk Smurf, Scene Queen Smurf, Hipster Smurf, or Black Metal Smurf?

10. Hannabeth's Fashion Inspiration: Strawberry Remix

Watch out for more posts like these from Buzznet members like Bebe Zeva, Kerli, Jessi Jae Joplin and more as part of our Orbit Fashion Series by visiting the Match My Pack group here on Buzznet!



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Reblog if you don't care if someone is transgender, straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Aviva Jul 28, 2011

Reblogged from aasshhhh


My followers better all reblog this.

There should be more notes


As long as you’re willing to love, you’re alright in my book

Top 10 Things on Buzznet

Aviva Jul 22, 2011

Hellooo Buzznet! What an incredible week  we had. Summer is in full swing and we've seen how you are spending it. While you guys were at the beach, rocking out at shows, attending music festivals and making mix tapes, we went to Grammy Camp, hung out on the red carpet and met SYTYCD's Top 10 Dancers, went to the LA Live Art Walk and had some very special office guests (see #2!). This weekend we are hanging at Comic Conwhere our resident Geek Life/Horror Fan/Zombie Expert/Photo Curator/Internet Cat Wrangler El Rich is on the grounds. We’ll be reporting the sights, scene, toys, comics, geeks, celebrities and highlights from Comic Con, so check back all weekend and follow us on Twitter for updates, photo galleries, gossip, and Twitpics! 

Let's take a look at some of the best things from Buzznet this week: 

1. Lucy Hale, Katelyn Tarver, Dani Vitale and More Attend The Summer Set Record Release Party

2. Kyle starring in “Forever The Sickest Intern, Episode One

Watch Episode Two here!


3. Hairy Chests: Yay or Nay

4. 10 Juicy Facts From the Stars of 'Captain America: The First Avenger'


5. Get the Look: Summer Witch


6. Neon Trees at the Orange County Fair


7. Behind the Scenes of Coco de Coeur’s ‘American Grunge’ Shoot ft. Audrey Kitching, Bebe Zeva, Delsea Chebo and More…


8. The Marvels of Deviant Artist and Comic Con Guest Reilly Brown


9. All Hits, No Misses: The Fashion Evolution of Chloe Sevigny



10. Owl City in Seattle

BONUS COMEDY SPECIAL from our super intern AmyPieHoneyBunch!

Who does it better? MIMES vs. JUGGLERS?



Enter our Summer of Buzz Contest!

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VICE Magazine is offering you a chance to ask The Black Lips your Fan Questions and watch a video of their answers on Buzznet!

Thanks so much for another fun week on Buzznet. You guys are cranking out the jams and we are listening to them (with our eyes). Hope you're all having a very Buzz-y summer!


Italy Gets Smushed: 'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Looks A Tad Unhealthy

Aviva Jul 19, 2011

In season 4 of the Jersey Shore, the cast goes to Florence, Italy to defile the Europeans. Prior clips of the season have been popping up here and there, but the longer trailer premiered last night and no amount of church can save the Italians from what is coming. And by coming I mean a Snooki/Situation hookup situation, two separate cast members being carted away in stretchers, Ronnie being extra Ronnie, meaning he vacillates between acting like a pet rock, repeating "I'm DONE Sam, I'm done" and being extra violent-ish-Gorilla-juicehead. There is also an extremely unappetizing scene of Deena and Pauly D licking each other's tongues. Seriously. I don't think they're kissing I think they are consciously (and hopefully sarcastically) playing Dungeons & Dragonbreath open-mouthed on the dancefloor.

Snooki also refers to a very classy bidet as a very unclassy "doucher" and we see her crying on multiple occasions, including after an arrest of some sort, following an "OMG I DRIVE LIKE A GIRL!" fender bender.

Enjoy us, Italy! We have some very prominent reality TV stars showing you how your spawn has evolved on the other side of the Atlantic. Hope you guys can help the cast find their roots, educate them about their history and elevate their cultural nuances while they drink, fight and make sweet love to one another in Florence.

Is Jersey Shore a guilty pleasure or do you avoid it like the STDs floating around in their hottub? Will you be slobbing out on the couch hoping Snooki finds true love? Like this post on Facebook if you are psyched to see Jersey Shore Season 4!


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